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Bob Iger got Disney into the streaming wars, so what happens once he’s Lost?

Between 2006 and now, Disney spent around $ 100 billion to become the unbeatable giant it is today. The acquisition was mostly led by two people: Bob Iger, who was CEO up until Tuesday, and Kevin Mayer, head of Disney’s direct-to-consumer division. Now, with Iger preparing to leave by the end of 2021, all eyes are on what comes next for Mayer.

Bob Chapek will be the next CEO of Disney. Mayer helped develop Disney’s current streaming landscape. He was largely seen as the company’s heir apparent.

Disney needs to chart a smooth course as competition heats up, its global rollout continues. But there’s growing concern about what happens if Mayer leaves.

In 1994, Jeffrey Katzenberg thought he would become second-in-command to then CEO Michael Eisner, and therefore in the running for CEO. Instead, he was passed over in the wake of former chief operating officer Frank wells’ death, and left the company months later.

‘my guess is that he wo n’t stay,’ says the executive.’they do whatever they possibly can to keep him’.

Disney’s streaming strategy is off to a strong start, but the company has already hit some major roadblocks. Production issues have affected a few high-profile original shows, executive changes are occurring at Hulu.

Iger does n’t have experience with streaming. It’s not a self-running, autonomous paradise yet, like many other parts of Disney have become.

One of Disney’s most anticipated Star Wars series, an Obi-Wan spinoff, is facing major rewrites and delays. There were also rumors that Hawkeye, a series based on Jeremy Renner’s Avengers character, was facing production issues.

Two series originally produced for Disney plus – high fidelity and love, Victor – moved to Hulu after being considered inappropriate for Disney’s PG audience. A third show, Lizzie McGuire, is undergoing similar issues, according to the former Showrunner.

Hbo saw massive subscriber growth on Disney plus, Hulu, and ESPN plus. Hours before Disney announced Chapek as the new CEO, Hulu instated a new CEO.

Mayer is one of the only people at the executive level with a firm understanding of what needs to happen next next next. Mayer has overseen the acquisitions of every major Disney franchise and has handled the launch of every streaming product.

The board is going to try and do whatever they can to retain their most strategic executives. I would be shocked if the board did n’t have many, many conversations just about talent, and what the opportunities are,’ said Stafford.

Disney plus is set to launch in the UK and other territories in just a few weeks. The company is trying to bring its streaming platforms to international markets.

Mayer does n’t have much operational experience, he did n’t work in the programming divisions, and he has a reputation for being brash. He’s also regarded as someone who sees potential where others do n’t.

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