Ghost Case Replacements Delayed: Dbrand’s Scratching Dilemma

Hello, my fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, let’s talk about Dbrand and their recent update on the Ghost Case.

Dbrand had initially planned to fix the anti-yellowing issue with their Ghost Case by offering scratch-resistant coatings. However, due to production issues, they have decided to scrap that plan. Customers who were expecting replacements will now have to wait.

The company ran into problems during mass production, with the coatings showing inconsistencies and buildup at the edges. This led them to discontinue the current version of the case and work on a redesigned “Ghost 2.0” instead.

Despite the setback, Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz assured customers that they will still receive an upgraded product for free later this year. The company has been investing in new manufacturing equipment to make the Ghost 2.0 a reality.

While the original case used polycarbonate to avoid yellowing issues, scratching remains a challenge. Dbrand acknowledges that even their anti-scratch coating was just a temporary solution. It will be interesting to see how they address this fundamental problem with plastic in the new design.

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