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Nissan has approved the first bidirectional charging system for use with its all-electric leaf vehicle in the US. The fe-15 charger is the first system of its kind to earn UL 9741 certification for bidirectional charging solutions.

Nissan promised its maybe soon-to-be-discontinued EV would eventually share its battery power back to your home or the grid during peak hours or even in emergencies. This technology is broadly known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-home (v2h), and vehicle-to-load (v2l).

Ford’s intelligent backup power feature is available for its all-electric F-150 lightning truck. The Hyundai ioniq 5 and 6 v2l feature can make them great camping companions.

Charger can help reduce stress on the power grid. Charger could help reduce the cost of ownership by letting the building pull energy from it at peak times.

All model year 2013 and newer Nissan rows are approved for use with the fe-15 bidirectional charger. The 2013 model of the leaf received a more robust but similar capacity 24kWh battery than the 2012 model. The automaker states that battery warranties will not be affected.

Fermata energy is working with another company that is creating a home-specific bidirectional charging solution. fe-15 charger is also working with dcbel to create a home-specific charger.

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