It’s that time of year again

Sunday, June 19th, is the day of the dad in the US. The Verge staff has pulled together a wide range of gadgets and gear recommendations for work and play.

We’ve put our heads together to come up with a couple of dozen gift ideas that dad has n’t thought of himself. The gift ideas include tech-minded father, tech-minded father or a tech-minded father.

Prices range from under $ 20 to $ 50 to $ 150 (150 to $ 400,000). The average price of the price range is between $ 20 and $ 150.

The 1,000-piece jigsaw jigsaw is a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It’ll be a gift that puzzle lovers and newcomers alike should enjoy.

Nintendo’s ergonomic design makes the Nintendo switch feel more like a traditional console controller. They’re meant to be used exclusively while connected to the switch.

The stainless-steel bond multi-tool is the most secret agent-esque option that the company currently makes. It still packs in a lot of utility, including a pair of pliers, wire cutters, and 12 other instruments that are sure to come in handy in a pinch.

The Apple Watch se is a culmination of Apple’s most essential smartwatch features and design elements. It also comes with an array of unique straps and in two size configuration (40mm and 44mm).

Irobot’s Roomba j7 can mosey around your home sweeping up debris. The robovac does n’t have the self-emptying dock that comes with the pricier j7 plus model.

A portion of what you spend on each audiobook is sent to the bookstore of your choosing. You do n’t have to buy physical books from your local bookstore to support them.

Each set offers USB connectivity for a PC, an auxiliary jack for a stereo receiver or record player. Plus, they come in red, teal, and a variety of fun colors that will make any bookshelf pop pop.

The rugged, propane-fueled stove is on the no-frills side. It offers two burners and lacks an igniter.

Fubotv boasts over 100 channels with live and on-demand sports. The service boasts cloud-based recording and 4K options for select events.

The death & Co: modern classic cocktails is oft considered an industry staple. It can teach you how to make everything from a oaxacan old-fashioned to an Aperitivo julep.

This model has two AC outlets, two USB ports, and 12V charging that allows it to power up to seven devices at once. It could also make for backup battery, too, should you need to recharge your phone.

Zendure’s supertank Pro is one of the most powerful, compact 100W power banks available. It houses a 26,800mah battery and four USB-C ports, two of which can recharge at up to 100W.

The wowstick electric screwdriver includes 56 magnetic bits and plenty of other gizmos. It is an ideal tool for adjust the bridge on a guitar, fixing appliances, or just cobbling together some Ikea furniture.

The Venu 2 plus from Garmin is a smartwatch that boasts the company’s signature fitness tracking and GPS. Plus, unlike most smartwartches, it offers more than 10 days of battery life.

The waterproof Bluetooth trackers cost $ 29 each. Can easily slip into a bag or attach to a bespoke lanyard. Apple’s find my network is far more robust than tile’s out-of-range finding network.

Dad-of-two Nikon trailblazer binoculars could be the gift that lets him dive more deeply into his hobbies. They’re a rubberized build and 8x magnification – which is plenty for keeping tabs on the pesky cardinal next store.

Roku’s 4K streaming stick plugs into an HDMI port. The included remote can be controlled with either your voice or its bevy of buttons.

With lock laces, getting in and out of shoes is as easy as tightening or loosening the mechanism. This should minimize the amount of time and effort required to suit up or unwind.

The tabletop book shows what common consumer tech looks like in deconstructed form. Price: $ 17.96.

Sony’s linkbuds offer a comfortable, open-style design. Let in sounds from the outside world and mix them with your audio content.

The Aeropress is a great all-in-one solution for making a delicious cup of coffee. The portable coffee press is designed to be compact, rendering it a handy piece of gear.

The Lego set features everyone’s favorite time-traveling DeLorean. The detailed replica makes use of a whopping 1,856 pieces.

The shokz openrun can cut off what you hear from the outside world. They’re also perfect for cycling, running, and other strenuous activities.

The creative gene offers a chance to peer into the mind of Hideo Kojima, the creator of metal Gear solid and death stranding. Through a series of essays, the insightful book dives into what has inspired some of his most well-known creations.

Elgato’s stream deck mini is a compact control station that can be programmed to execute your most vital PC functions. Originally designed to give creators an easier way to trigger macros that usually require multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks. It can also be used for more simple tasks, like unmuting in zoom.

The cowboy 4 is the latest e-bike maker. It offers 50 percent more horsepower than last year’s C3. A built-in’cockpit’ can wirelessly charge your phone as you ride.

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