One of the biggest search engines in the world has a new feature that could help you find what you’re looking for

‘goggles’ allows you to create or apply custom filters that change the way its results are ranked. It could help uncover sources you might not find right away on Google.

Brave says goggles are just for demonstrative purposes, and developers can expand on or fork them. There’s even a goggle to exclude posts from the 1,000 most-viewed sites on the web.

Goggles are meant to mitigate this, essentially letting you have a hand in shaping what those biases are. The engine is independent from entities like Google and Bing.

I searched for’airpods Pro review’ with the’tech blogs’ filter turned on, and a bunch of independent blogs popped up. The Verge was nowhere to be found on the first page of results.

Developers can read up on the tool on GitHub on GitHub. The tool lets you view only articles from satirical sources.

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