It all started with a series of tweets from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in which he claimed to have found a missing virtual reality headset in a hotel room

A video of a’meta quest pro’ virtual reality headset surfaced online. Ramiro Cardenas claims the device was left in a hotel room. The device looks like the one spotted in leaked setup videos.

Video shows Cardenas removing the device from its packaging. The headset has three cameras on its front. The design drops the hollowed-out loop design that houses the sensors for something more solid.

Cardenas also provided a closeup of the label stuck to the box. The person who stayed in the room has since claimed the headsets.

The images and video surfaced exactly one month ahead of meta’s connect event on October 11th. The timeline CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed for when the company will reveal its next VR headset.

Cardenas shared the images in a post on the Oculus quest 2 Facebook group. He said multiple devices were left behind in a bar in 2010. The still-unreleased pixel 7 was sold on eBay, and a pixel watch prototype was also lost in a restaurant.

In July, developers found references to the’Oculus pro’ in meta’s code. This is the name meta has settled on for the upcoming device. Meta did n’t immediately respond to the verge’s request for comment.

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