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Microsoft is finalizing its Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PCs

Microsoft is finalizing its Xbox game streaming app for Windows PCs. Once released, the app will let Windows users stream games from their Xbox series s / X consoles, and from xCloud.

This new app will bring xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time. Currently, you ca n’t stream games from the new Xbox consoles to PCs. This is unsupported in the existing Xbox console companion app.

Microsoft’s xCloud app lets you stream games from an Xbox series X / S console, or from xCloud.

The Xbox remote play feature works similar to the existing console companion. You can remotely wake an Xbox console, sign in, and play games wherever you are.

There is now full touch support, allowing surface or other touchscreen devices to play games without a controller. There’s an option to enable this, but it does n’t appear to be fully functional yet. This is an internal beta application, so it’s still unfinished.

Microsoft also appears to be readying 1080p streams for xCloud instead of the 720p that exists today. This would obviously improve the experience on Windows PCs, ahead of higher resolutions once Microsoft has upgraded its xCloud servers to include Xbox series X.

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