It’s one of the biggest tech shows of the year, but it’s also one of the biggest TV launches of the year

The first Samsung sets in a while to let you play Triple-A video games from the cloud instead of just your Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

Samsung gaming hub promises’ai gaming technology’ that will create curated game recommendations on your TV’s home screen. It’s also promising’ai entertainment technology’.

Lg and Samsung both competed for the rights to stream games from Gaikai and OnLive back in 2012. It’s only this winter that Samsung are back in the game with NVIDIA and Google’s services.

Samsung’s TVs will offer the best picture and audio quality for cloud gaming. It’s not clear whether GeForce now or Google stadia would offer 4K streaming.

The gaming hub is available to more Samsung customers. There’s no telling whether you’ll get access to any of these features.

Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming, aka xCloud, is n’t part of this launch. Xcloud is on a smart fridge and some Samsung Android phones. It only got a brief mention last June ahead of the E3 2021 video game Expo.

Samsung smart TVs have offered a steam link app for a while. But Lucero tells the verge it wo n’t be part of this gaming hub.

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