This video from the creators of the popular science-fiction game “Destiny” suggests an alternate universe in which China has swapped out nuclear weapons for something like this.

The China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) meteorological satellite orbited to Earth on Tuesday around 1630 GMT, where it began streaming live near-real-time measurements of weather patterns.

Set over east and southeast China, the satellite lifted up to its full height in the early evening. While it will be aloft for another few weeks, scientists can now watch the Earth from far away, giving them an invaluable window into our planet’s weather patterns and Earth’s atmosphere.

The 32-pound (15kg) satellite is less than 2 feet (60 cm) long, weighs roughly one-third of a metric ton, and can beam video to researchers back on Earth via high-speed WiFi. The satellite began serving as a weather resource in 2014, where the plans to transmit video live from its orbit first came to light.

Although the telecommunications signals that the satellite transmits are restricted, researchers have teased out any speculation as to what the broadcasting images might reveal. On Twitter, Chinese journalist Yang Wensheng is quick to explore the possibilities.

As Wensheng points out, satellites like the NPP serve as international weather emergency relief stations. Based on this knowledge, he tweets, one can speculate that either the satellite spied evidence of “elevated global air pressure in 2016 and 2017, which is associated with a global warming and ocean temperature shift”, or “air quality improvements with acid rain reduce since 2004, which explains the increasing average temperature”.

“It is possible that #NPP data… are invaluable for severe weather forecasting,” Wensheng tweets.

Alibaba, T-Mall and Alibaba Group have partnered with CNSA to study the weather patterns and potential impacts of the satellite’s measurements of pollution from Chinese cities. The satellite’s measurements will enable researchers to gather unprecedented information about air quality and emerging energy corridors.

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