Locked Out: Why DolphiniOS’s Wii and GameCube Emulator Can’t Make It to the App Store

Hello my fellow tech enthusiasts! Today I wanted to talk about DolphiniOS, a popular emulator for Nintendo Wii and GameCube games that unfortunately won’t be making its way to the Apple App Store.

In a recent post, the developer behind DolphiniOS explained that Apple doesn’t allow the emulator to use its JIT compiler, which is essential for translating the code of these games into a language that other devices can understand.

Even though there is a workaround using an interpreter, it is much slower than the JIT compiler, as demonstrated by OatmealDome in a couple of videos showing poor performance on an iPhone 15.

Apple’s strict rules on JIT compilers have caused DolphiniOS to be denied access to the App Store, despite the recent loosening of policies on retro game emulators.

It’s a shame that DolphiniOS won’t be available on the App Store, but there are still plenty of other emulators out there for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy. Let’s hope that more developers find ways to bring their emulators to iOS devices in the future!

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Written by Nuked

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