Who was Okabe?

In the northern city of Yokohama, just outside of Tokyo, Japan, is a whole unit of government: Municipality of Yokohama. This municipality is governed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

One government, functioning together with another.

This created a flabbergasting subject that some people are interested in.

Why? Well, Mitsutoshi Yokokura, a bureaucrat within the municipal government, was convicted on charges of embezzlement and admitted to charging his mistress ¥2 million from the municipality’s fund.

Almost at once, Yokohama’s Mayor, Hiroya Masuda, asked for his resignation.

Soon, media from a U.S. government bought the story and ran with it, using it to degrade municipal authorities worldwide.

Who is Yokohama?

Yokohama is a small Japanese city located about 25 miles northwest of the northern port city of Yokohama. More than 90% of the inhabitants of Yokohama work in the transport industry.

The municipality was created in 1954 through an Act of Parliament, making it the second municipality in the metropolitan Tokyo.

Almost overnight, a person could watch movies, video games, television series, and compete in kart racing (and this was before kart racing really took off). In fact, the merchandising of Yokohama is the biggest part of the economy.

Since its creation, over 60,000 companies have been incorporated in Yokohama. That makes it the largest municipality in Japan and one of the largest cities outside of Tokyo.

Why now?

Yokohama hasn’t had a new anime season since 2003.

Well, the publication, Black Duck Production has a new anime season launching in 2019. This new season is called SUMMONED: WELCOME TO DAYANA (published by Taiyo Press), on one of the most famous mythological figures of Japan, Kaguya.

THE SHOWS will run 3 episodes each. The first season, consisting of 9 episodes, will hit Inauguration Week in the spring of 2019.

That’s next year. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Images above are from www.blackduckproducer.com

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