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Amazon Edge turns a smart home device or service into a bridge. And now, with its latest firmware update, more of these devices can be protected by making them part of Amazon Edge instead of relying on a phone or cloud connection.

The update was announced last week at Prime Day when thousands of products were brought to life through the Amazon Edge protocol. And those devices now include Energy Efficient Lighting Technology built into light bulbs from Cree, Element and GE.

“Whether people are using it to access data through Alexa, control Nest smart home devices, or set timers and alerts for Hello Giving, this feature is another way for customers to experience the power of the Amazon Edge network,” said Swami Venkataraman, Vice President, Alexa Multichannel, Amazon. “We are pleased that many of the newest family-of-products featured during Prime Day use this feature.”

The new firmware update addresses one of the most common issues customers report with smart home products: They don’t work unless they have a reliable internet connection. Customers purchase smart home products like smart lights, blinds, smoke detectors, door locks and air conditioners that rely on the phone or cloud connection to power their features.

But with the new software update, which is now available, when an Amazon Echo Dot is connected to an Amazon Edge network, it’s not reliant on the phone. It will continue to work even if the phone is not available to the customer.

“While the old paradigm of buying a connected smart device, connecting to the cloud, and relying on reliable access via data networks was convenient at the time, when it comes to the connected home, reliability is more than just a concept,” said Mark Guthrie, Vice President and General Manager, GE Lighting. “Today’s customers want the best connected experience possible — one where connected appliances and devices know when a house is full and how to shut itself off so people can still get in and out safely. Amazon Edge provides for a higher level of reliability and safety.”

Alexa is also coming to Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices, as well as the following connected devices: The Nest Learning Thermostat 2, Hub and Outdoor Thermostat, which was made possible by Amazon’s latest firmware update.

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