For those watching the latest Apple HomeKit firmware update hold up their smart home devices on Discord — the website dedicated to digital communications and server software and hosted by the Cupertino giant — I have some better news: security rather than this issue is likely going to be the next most pressing issue.

Threatpost reports that the latest firmware update, Version 4.0, for HomeKit-enabled devices is currently bricked with a bad file that Apple hasn’t fixed — a flaw in their firmware mechanism. It hasn’t even been shipped yet.

Easily downloaded and installed firmware updates can be frustrating, though. Instructions in current Apple and Firebase settings for notifying Apple that you would like to be notified of new firmware were unhelpful and confusing, making it even more inconvenient to install a firmware update.

(Gotta love Apple: Another time around, the company posted an answer here: “The easiest way is to go to Settings > General > Software Update. Next, select the device you’d like to update and select Check for Updates to ensure you receive the latest firmware. This process usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.” Yet if you did that, HomeKit doesn’t seem to have patched the component in question.)

If Apple leaves you just without a HomeKit firmware update for months, then this should scare you: IT Support organizations are stockpiling firmware packages that could potentially solve the issue.

The Good News

Based on numerous reports, this issue isn’t likely to persist in a long term situation. Software updates are cumulative and will usually come in waves. Some updates may be less affected than others (because of software incompatibilities, for example). This is especially true with firmware updates that come along with new devices that are added to a product line.

As the screenshot in my previous article shows, a number of hacks had found their way around the installation of firmware upgrades, but a new firmware update can put those hacks to rest, once and for all. Apple may not fix the problem at all, but they have a good chance of solving it for all users at some point.

What now?

As soon as a fix arrives, I’ll be updating my Fortnite character’s loadout to eliminate any variations based on its physical appearance.

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