Android fans will be pleased to hear that Google has now released an Android Auto standalone app for the Google Pixel users on the latest Android Oreo platform.

Although previous versions of Android Auto were available only as part of a larger Google app package available to users, the new standalone app makes it a much quicker experience for those that want an Android Auto app as a standalone download.

What’s also good about the app is that for those who are currently using Android 10, it means that you can be hands-free when driving around, similar to how Google Maps provides for Android users.

Download the Android Auto app for Android 10

Google says that the app is available right now in the Play Store, so you can download it as soon as you are ready. Once installed, you will need to make sure you have the latest Google Pixel range of phones on Android Oreo. From here you can choose whether to download to one phone, or all of your devices at once.

Finally, we have some information about what you get with the software:

High-quality playback is available with popular radio stations worldwide, as well as letting you find local trails with Google Maps, get traffic alerts, and manage Google Maps routing and plans for you.

The Audi virtual cockpit functions within the app, giving access to a featured audio app that works with the vehicle’s infotainment system.

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