Picture the scene. You are a 14-year-old figuring out how to fix a car. Your grandfather tells you to plug your handheld circuit in, let it rip, hit a button, and push a button — you do, your brain and the controls hum away, like a vacuum cleaner, and the world comes to a screaming halt as the blades turn. Except you’ve brought this idea to a real-life situation — like driving a car — without a shred of knowledge. You go back to your grandfather’s approach, and immediately wonder why he’s still around and why everyone else isn’t.

A 14-year-old identifying himself as “Ben” has woken up just in time, because Ben just figured out how to convert standard high-end hybrid cars into true electric vehicles. According to BuzzFeed, Ben was car-testing his second family car when he realized the problem — it was useless on the freeway because of the car pillar blind spots.

You see, car pillars are set up to keep cars from colliding with the driver’s door panels, but they’re not meant to be used on the freeway at any speed. With a little thought and a lot of hard work, Ben figured out a way to convert car pillars into an open-and-shut source electric car. He kept at it for three months, scrounging up spare parts and installing each pillar from scratch. “I’m basically doing it in a sandbox for fun, and it’s fun for me to work through the problem. The best part was the process to come up with the fix was incredibly intense, and I’m proud of myself for tackling it that hard,” he told BuzzFeed.

Ben found a place online where he could buy the entire hardware kit, including wiring and a software package, and run it on the Volkwagen Passat TDI in his garage. He found one more hurdle, namely finding a car where they’d be able to operate these pillar toggles in the car column.

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A mechanic worked over the phone with him to make sure everything worked as expected before he shipped off for testing. And yes, it worked. “It was pretty simple. They had the key right on the computer,” Ben told BuzzFeed. So he fixed the car pillar blind spots and brought a whole new level of power behind the hybrids he’s testing for his cool parents.

And it doesn’t stop there. Ben and his family are currently driving around a Leaf, and the aluminum doors have not-so-spoiler doors to hit because they are not as rigid as conventional doors. “He was a little self-conscious about what would happen, and I didn’t want to get too much into that,” Ben told BuzzFeed of putting his mom behind the wheel to test the handbrake. “But I think she did a really good job on the open road,” he added. “After the first time she sat in the Leaf, he said he felt confident driving around again.”

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