Thanks to Tile, your devices are only getting smarter. The tracker-maker with a track record of making wearables like Tile Trackers so useful is only getting bigger. Make Tile Trackers work even better for you. The Trunk Trip app expands the capabilities of Tile devices and draws from Tile’s database of user enabled tags. Plus, it automatically sets up your tracker for use in a variety of scenarios including tracking shopping, commuting, and more.


Microsoft continues to embrace the smart device trend by creating an ecosystem of apps that help you use your devices more efficiently. The Trunk Trip app makes it easy to use Tile trackers. No searching, no digging. You can easily find the Tile pin on Tile directly from the Trunk Trip app. Track any Tile tag or virtual pin. Whatever tags you choose. Try exploring the app with your phone or watch and as a last resort, the app prompts you to open your Tile computer.


There are about 2.5 billion tablets and 2.1 billion smartphones that are in use worldwide. We store information and pictures and so much more on them. The Tile Trackers are just a part of that information and information. It’s time to lose the clutter and clear it out of the way. Download the Tile Trunk Trip app to let Tile track your various objects such as a phone, keys, or office supplies.


Trackanywhere lets Tile Trackers work better for you. It unifies the important things so you can easily find them all at the click of a button. Because Tile Trackers are enabled, find anything for free anywhere in the world. Need to find your computer when you’re at work but find it difficult to find or get all the stuff you need when you’re home?

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Trunk Trip offers a convenient method to reach out to people you’ve lost track of. You simply open the app, type in an email address, and, you’ve reached a Tile Tracker Search function. Clicking the number pulls up a list of people nearby with Tile Trackers. Select a person and you’ll be transported to another Tile Tracker Search page.


The Tile Trunk Trip app contains emergency help links. The Tile trackers can connect you with emergency services that can locate your misplaced item and bring you home. There’s even a built-in CodeRed button that you can set on the Tile Trackers. The same CodeRed Button used to locate your cat in the woods can be used to find you. The Help button can be used to reach your emergency contacts or, with a remote push, to call the Tile people that don’t own an iPhone or Android device.

If you already have Tile Trackers set up on your computer, consider this app as a work companion.

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