In tandem with the delay of the Star Wars games for console owners (keep reading for why the delay) , the mobile game giant Activision has added a ton of additional features to its Splinter Cell: Blacklist Unity suite of apps.

Now, you can use both your smartphone and your Mac to play through the core titles. This means you will be able to check the status of units and collect intel using Cortana and Siri on the Mac and the Falconwings with your smartphone. Yes, you can enjoy everything that’s on your smartphone and then return to the desktop to play through the same game on your desktop. There are also modern day console emulation modes. It’s that good.

Some more features that have been added include zoom in and out cinematic views that break up on screen cinematic breaks up on screen that continue to be your weapon markers on the touch screen. There are 3D cinematics with static character models that can be visually recuperated and locked at the beginning of a cinematic. You can also watch the complete prologue right from your standard game launcher.

Multiplayer support, real time medals, goals, team configurations, and map layout are also available, and you can preview large file sizes for custom maps and collectibles (ie clothes, weapons, and items). A new head-to-head mode will get interesting for cooperated kills on your phone. You can create and upload custom levels and you can set any settings in-game before you begin so you know what to expect when the game starts. I love the feature that you can activate your tracking status with your smartphone or Mac. For example, you can find your patrol-placed battle device in the desert world to even search for squads and monitor stats on them during a game. Very cool.

Now for a quick note before you continue. A critical warning. The Nintendo Switch PC downloads are not live yet, so only play using Unity on a console (like me) and on a Mac. For more information, go here.

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