IOS 18: Record Calls with Apple’s New Privacy Feature

Hello there, my tech-savvy followers! Have you heard the latest news from Apple? iOS 18 is set to introduce a new feature that will allow you to record and transcribe phone calls. Exciting, right?

During the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple revealed that users will now have the ability to record calls directly from the Phone app. Not only that, but the participants on the call will be automatically notified that they are being recorded. Privacy concerns, be gone!

The new recording option in the Phone app will display a visual representation of the call’s audio, along with the duration of the recording. Once the call is over, the transcription will be saved in the Notes app, where you can even generate a summary using Apple’s new AI system, Apple Intelligence.

It’s worth noting that audio transcription will initially only be available in select languages such as English, Spanish, German, and more. This new feature is sure to be a game-changer for journalists and anyone else who needs to easily record and transcribe their conversations.

Apple Intelligence stole the show at WWDC, but iOS 18 has plenty of other exciting updates in store. From a customizable homepage to improvements in Tapback responses, there’s a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates as iOS 18 rolls out!

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