Truecaller and Microsoft team up to create personalized AI voice for answering calls

Hello my lovely followers! Today I have some exciting news for you. Truecaller and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a new feature that will let users create an AI version of their voice to answer calls.

Truecaller, known for its Caller ID capabilities, has introduced an AI Assistant that can screen incoming calls and inform users of the reason for the call. With this new feature, users can record their own voice for the Assistant to use, adding a personal touch to the interaction.

The partnership with Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech technology allows Truecaller to generate an AI version of the user’s voice based on the recorded clip. This innovative capability aims to enhance user experience and showcase the power of AI in transforming digital interactions.

Azure AI Speech, unveiled at the Build conference, offers a personal voice feature that enables users to record and replicate voices. Microsoft has put in place measures to protect privacy, such as adding watermarks to generated voices and requiring consent for recording others’ voices.

While personal voice is currently available on a limited basis for specific use cases like voice assistants, it represents a significant step towards personalizing digital services. Stay tuned to see how this new feature will revolutionize the way we communicate with our digital assistants!

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