ChromeOS M124: Enhanced Multitasking and Wi-Fi Prioritization

Hello, my amazing followers! Today, let’s talk about the latest updates to ChromeOS that are sure to make your multitasking experience even better.

The newest version of ChromeOS, M124, brings some exciting upgrades including faster split screen setup and a new web traffic prioritization feature. This update also includes a settings UI refresh and updated gesture controls.

Judging from screenshots from 9to5Google, the new “Faster Split Screen Setup” feature will make it easier for users to set up split screen in a way that is familiar to Windows users. This should remove some of the friction that came with the previous process.

Google has also added Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) to ChromeOS, which will prioritize things like video calls and online games when your Wi-Fi network is congested. This could lead to higher-quality video calls and smoother online gaming experiences.

In a somewhat unexpected move, ChromeOS now supports carrier locking, allowing wireless companies to sell Chromebooks that are locked to their service. The update also brings a redesigned settings app with Google’s Material You design and new gestures for trackpad navigation.

As with most updates, Google will be rolling out ChromeOS version M124 to compatible Chromebooks over the coming days. Keep an eye out for the update notification or manually check for updates in your settings.

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