Opting in to Politics: How to Mix Politics with Your Threads on Instagram

Hello my fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, let’s talk about how you can mix politics with your Threads and Instagram experience in a way that suits your preferences.

You can’t blame Meta’s executives for wanting to reduce the amount of political content on their platforms. Let’s face it, political discussions can often turn toxic and divisive.

Both Threads and Instagram now have limitations on what Meta defines as “political content” from users you don’t follow. However, if you’re interested in engaging with posts related to governments, elections, or societal topics, you can still opt in to view this content.

To opt in to political content, simply navigate to the Instagram app on your mobile device. Access your profile and select the three parallel lines in the upper right corner. From there, go to Content preferences > Political content and choose to not limit political content from users you don’t follow.

By opting in, you can now decide how much political content you want to see on your feed. It may seem a bit unconventional to have to actively choose to view political opinions, but this is how Meta has chosen to approach the situation.

It remains to be seen whether this strategy will create a less contentious environment on Threads and Instagram or simply make the platforms less engaging. Either way, the choice is now in your hands!

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