Israel’s Secret Facial Recognition Program Unveiled in Gaza Strip

Hey there, my tech-savvy followers! Let’s talk about a recent development in Israel that might surprise you.

Israel has quietly implemented a mass facial recognition program in the Gaza Strip, without the knowledge or consent of the Palestinians living there. This program, created after a series of attacks, uses technology from Google Photos and a custom tool from Corsight to identify individuals affiliated with Hamas.

The facial recognition program was developed alongside Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, with Unit 8200 using security camera footage, social media videos, and even input from Palestinian prisoners to identify potential targets. Corsight’s technology, which claims to accurately identify individuals even with limited facial visibility, was used to create a tool for Israeli officers on the ground.

Despite its claims of accuracy, Corsight’s tool has made mistakes, leading to wrongful identifications. One case involved Palestinian poet Mosab Abu Toha, who was detained and interrogated based on a mistaken identification by the system.

In addition to Corsight’s technology, the Israeli military has also utilized Google Photos to further expand its database of’known persons.’ The use of these tools has raised concerns about privacy and accuracy in targeting individuals.

Corsight’s executives and funders have openly supported their technology’s use in military operations. The company’s focus on government and law enforcement applications has led to collaborations with various organizations worldwide.

Despite its advancements in facial recognition technology, Corsight has faced criticism for its potential misuse and lack of transparency. The company’s future plans include developing tools based on DNA analysis and expanding its reach in government and law enforcement sectors.

As this technology continues to evolve, it raises important questions about privacy, security, and the ethical implications of mass surveillance programs. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story!

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