Ditch the Rice: Apple’s Official Guidance for a Wet Phone

Hello, my awesome followers! Today, let’s talk about a common myth surrounding wet phones and the use of rice to dry them out.

While many of us have turned to uncooked rice as a solution for a waterlogged phone, Apple actually advises against this method. According to Apple support documents, putting your iPhone in a bag of rice could potentially damage it with small rice particles.

The support documents also recommend against using external heat sources or inserting objects like cotton swabs into the phone’s charging ports. Instead, Apple suggests tapping your phone against your hand with the connector pointing down and allowing it to dry in an area with good airflow for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge it.

If the liquid detection alert persists, it’s best to leave the phone and wait for up to 24 hours for it to fully dry. Unplugging and reconnecting the charging cable may also help if the phone is dry but still not charging.

While rice was once believed to be a quick fix for wet electronics, it turns out that time is the real key to drying out a waterlogged phone. The Verge reported back in 2015 that uncooked rice isn’t very absorbent, and simply leaving the phone powered down in a well-ventilated area is more effective.

So next time your phone takes an unexpected dive, remember to follow Apple’s advice and give it time to dry properly. And maybe skip the rice in favor of good old-fashioned patience!

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