The DICE Awards: Honoring Developers and Defying Shareholders

Hello, my lovely followers! Today, let’s talk about the recent DICE Awards show, a celebration that developers and fans truly deserve.

The developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 took home the prestigious Game of the Year award at the 27th annual DICE Awards. Unlike their previous win at the Game Awards, this time they had the chance to share their thoughts on stage.

Larian Studios head of production, David Walgrave, emphasized the importance of building a community and creating games that are genuinely fun, rather than solely focusing on maximizing shareholder value.

The DICE Awards, organized by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, are often compared to the Oscars in the film industry. While not as widely publicized as other gaming events, the DICE Awards offer a more intimate and heartfelt celebration of the industry.

During the event, industry members had the opportunity to address pressing issues within the gaming industry, such as labor practices and the importance of recognizing the talent and dedication of developers.

One of the highlights of the evening was when legendary composer Koji Kondo was inducted into the Academy’s Hall of Fame, honoring his iconic music and contributions to gaming.

Unlike other high-profile awards shows that focus on glitz and glamour, the DICE Awards serve as a reminder that behind every great game is a team of passionate individuals who deserve recognition for their hard work and creativity.

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