Chase Customers Left Hanging as Apple Pay Goes Down: The Maryland Users Dilemma

Hello, my fellow tech enthusiasts! Today we have some news about Apple Pay and Chase customers that might make you chuckle a bit. Update: The issue has been resolved, according to Apple spokesperson Heather Norton. It seems it was a Chase problem all along, not an Apple Pay issue. Sneaky, Chase, very sneaky.

It seems that Apple Pay is causing some trouble for Chase customers, as Verge staffers have experienced their cards being declined when using Apple Pay with Chase cards. But fear not, non-Chase bank users like Citi seem to be sailing smoothly with Apple Pay. Quite the pickle, isn’t it?

Apple’s system status page mentions a maintenance in progress for Apple Pay and Wallet starting at 12PM. A strange time for a maintenance that messes with payments, don’t you think? And apparently, Maryland Users might face some issues, but reports from New York and LA suggest otherwise. We’re all in this together!

As for Chase customer service, they are currently experiencing 15-minute wait times with agents claiming that Apple Pay is undergoing “maintenance” for an “unexpected upgrade.” What a fancy way to say things are broken! Unfortunately, no one knows when this will be fixed. Stay tuned for updates from Apple.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! Keep calm and carry on with your payments – hopefully without any hiccups. Until next time!

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