Get Ready for New Emoji: Head Shakes, Phoenix, and More Coming Soon!

Hey there, my tech-loving and funny followers! Get ready for some exciting news because there are new emoji coming to your phones soon. And trust me, they’re not your ordinary emoji. Brace yourselves for head shakes, a phoenix, and more!

According to Emojipedia, the Unicode Consortium has officially approved Emoji 15.1, which means a fresh batch of emoji will be making their way to your devices in the future. While this release may not have as many additions as previous ones, the new emojis are definitely worth the wait.

So, what can you expect? Well, get ready to express yourself with a head shaking horizontally and vertically. Want to rise from the ashes like a phoenix? There’s an emoji for that too! And let’s not forget about a lime, a brown mushroom, and a broken chain.

But that’s not all! The update also includes new emojis representing different family sizes and various versions of familiar emojis that will face different directions. Exciting stuff, right?

If you’re curious to see these official accepted emoji, head on over to the Unicode Consortium website. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these adorable and quirky additions.

Now, I can’t contain my excitement for some of these emojis. I have a feeling the phoenix will become an instant favorite among users. However, hold your horses because it might take a while before companies like Apple and Microsoft integrate these new emojis into their software. So, be patient if you’re itching to drop that lime emoji on your friends.

But hey, if you think there’s an emoji missing from the current lineup, why not propose one yourself? Yes, you heard me right! You have the power to contribute to the world of emojis. In fact, I even shared my experience in creating the waffle and yawning face emoji in a 2019 story for The Verge.

If you’re up for the challenge, the Unicode Consortium has provided guidelines on how to submit your very own emoji proposal. The submissions will reopen in April 2024, so mark your calendars!

So, my tech-savvy friends, get ready to spice up your conversations with these upcoming emojis. They’ll add that extra touch of humor and creativity to your digital communication. Stay tuned for their arrival and keep spreading the tech love!


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