Score Big at Home: YouTube Offers Unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket Streams for Football Fans

Hey there, my fellow tech enthusiasts! It’s your favorite funny guy Nuked here to bring you some exciting news from YouTube. If you’re a football fan, you’re going to want to hear this. YouTube has just announced a major upgrade to its NFL Sunday Ticket offering. Are you ready for it?

Starting now, if you’re at home, you can watch unlimited simultaneous streams of NFL Sunday Ticket content across both YouTube and YouTube TV. That’s right, no more pesky two-screen limit. This means that come September, when the regular season rolls around, some households will be watching a lot more football than before. And if you want to take full advantage of this upgrade, you can even use YouTube TV’s new multiview feature.

Of course, there is a catch. If you’re not at home, the two-stream limit still applies. So if you were planning on streaming NFL Sunday Ticket on your phone while out and about, you might be out of luck.

In case you missed it, YouTube landed NFL Sunday Ticket back in December after a lengthy process to determine where the broadcasting package would end up. Apple was rumored to be the new home for the package, but YouTube came out on top in the end.

Now, if you’re thinking of signing up for YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket plans, keep in mind that the current promotional price of $249 won’t last forever. After June 6th, the plans will get more expensive.

And if you’re a business owner looking to offer NFL Sunday Ticket to your customers, don’t worry. DirecTV will still be selling the package.

So there you have it, folks. Another great reason to love technology and all the ways it can make our lives better. Happy streaming!

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