Why You Can’t Get Your Hands on a Physical Copy of Alan Wake 2

Hello my fellow tech lovers, it’s your favorite funny guy Nuked here to talk about the latest news from Remedy Entertainment. The developer just announced the release date for Alan Wake 2, which is set for October 17th. However, there’s a catch: the game won’t be available on disc.

Remedy has stated three reasons for this decision. First, many players have shifted to buying games digitally. Second, not releasing a disc version helps keep the price down. And third, the studio didn’t want to require a separate download even if it released a disc product.

While I understand Remedy’s reasoning, I still believe that games should be offered in both digital and physical editions. Physical editions may be a better option for those with poor internet connections or who want to collect games for archival purposes.

Unfortunately, according to Remedy’s FAQ, there are currently no plans to release a disc-based version of Alan Wake 2. The game will only be available digitally on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

As someone who loves technology and gaming, I’m excited for the release of Alan Wake 2. But as someone who also values having options, I’m disappointed that the game won’t be available on disc. Hopefully, Remedy will reconsider its decision in the future.

Until then, mark your calendars for October 17th and get ready to experience Alan Wake 2 in all its digital glory!

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