PlayStation’s Big Bet: New Franchises and Live Service Games Take Center Stage

Hey there, my fellow tech enthusiasts! It looks like PlayStation is gearing up for some big changes in the coming years. While Sony has been known for its incredible single-player games, it seems like the company is shifting its focus towards new franchises and live service titles.

During a recent business presentation, Sony shared its plans to invest heavily in new IP, with an estimated 50 percent of PlayStation Studios investments going towards new franchises in the 2025 fiscal year. This is a significant jump from previous years, where only 20 percent of investments were in new franchises. Additionally, Sony expects to see a shift in the ratio of traditional games to live service ones, with a 40/60 split in FY25.

This move towards live service games isn’t surprising, given Sony’s recent acquisitions of studios working on major titles like Bungie and Haven Studios. It’s clear that Sony sees the potential for players to invest significant amounts of time and money into these types of games, as seen with hits like Fortnite and Destiny 2.

We can likely expect to see some of these new franchises and live service games at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase. The company has promised to give us a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios.

In addition to these updates, Sony has also seen success with its PC releases and expects PC revenues to nearly double in the coming years. And PlayStation boss Jim Ryan teased that something big is in the works for cloud gaming, which we can expect to learn more about in the coming months.

It’s an exciting time for PlayStation fans, and we can’t wait to see what new games and innovations Sony has in store for us. Thanks for reading!

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