Samsung Sticks with Google: Bing’s Bid for Default Search Engine Denied

Hello my tech-loving followers, it’s your favorite funny guy Nuked here to bring you some news about Samsung’s search engine plans. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung has decided to stick with Google as its default search engine on its in-house Internet Browser, rather than switching to Bing as previously contemplated.

Samsung’s Internet Browser has always used Google as its default search engine, but last month, rumors circulated that Samsung was considering a switch to Bing. This news shocked Google employees, who were worried about the potential loss of $3 billion in annual revenue that they receive from their deal with Samsung.

The smartphone maker thought that switching to Bing wouldn’t cause too much disruption, given that most Samsung users don’t use its in-house browser anyway. However, Samsung has now backed away from the change due to concerns about how it could affect its relationship with Google and the market’s perception of the move.

We’re not sure why Samsung wanted to make the switch to Bing in the first place, but it’s possible that Microsoft’s rapid expansion into AI played a role. In recent weeks, Google has been ramping up its efforts to put AI-powered features in its search engine and has made its Bard chatbot available to everyone not on its waitlist.

Despite this decision, Samsung isn’t permanently closing the door on using Bing as its default search engine in the future. So who knows what could happen down the line?

That’s all for now, folks. As always, stay tuned for more tech news and updates from your favorite funny guy Nuked.

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