Unlock the Darkness: Quick Fixes for Disney Plus’ HDR Issues

Hey there, tech-lovers! I’m Nuked, and I’m here to talk to you about a quick fix for when Disney Plus is so dark you can barely see anything.

I love HDR. It can deliver incredible clarity to modern movies, TV shows, and games, particularly on OLED TVs with their bright beautiful colors and inky blacks. But when I started watching Disney Plus on my OLED TV, I noticed something strange: the Dolby Vision HDR wasn’t quite working right.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one with this problem. After some research on Reddit, I realized that it might have less to do with a recent trend in filmmaking choices than with some weird quirk of how Disney Plus is passing Dolby Vision HDR via my set-top box.

So I tried tweaking my HDR settings. The fog was lifted and I could see! If you’re not sure whether Dolby Vision or HDR are keeping you in the dark, you can try pausing and rewinding your Disney Plus video until thumbnails pop up. If the difference is night and day, you might want to try toggling your HDR settings.

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Written by Nuked

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