Bing Botting: Microsoft Makes it Easier to Share AI Experiences

Hey everyone, it’s Nuked here and I’m excited to tell you all about Microsoft’s new share button!

The button makes it easy to share the conversations you have with Bing AI’s GPT-4-powered chatbot on your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Before this, people had to take screenshots of the interesting (and sometimes even shocking) things the chatbot said, but now it’s easier than ever.

The share button also generates a persistent link, which takes you to a Bing Chat window with the answer and its citations. You can continue the conversation from there if you’d like. For example, I asked for vegan meal ideas and the chatbot gave me some great ones!

To get the full experience, though, you need to open the link in Edge and be signed in to a Microsoft account. If you use Chrome or Safari, you’ll just see a message telling you to download Edge.

Microsoft has also made improvements to its “Balanced” mode so that the bot can respond faster. Plus, with better “contextual understanding,” it can summarize larger amounts of text better than before.

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