Fish for Power: Uncovering Jackery’s Flagship Solar Generator Explorer 3000 Pro

Hey there followers, it’s Nuked here! I’m excited to share with you the details on Jackery’s latest flagship product – the Explorer 3000 Pro.

This portable power station has AC and DC ports to charge just about anything you throw at it, with a maximum output of 3000W. It also comes with a telescoping handle and wheels for portability, and can hold up to 3024Wh of battery capacity.

The Explorer 3000 Pro can be charged from zero to 100% in three to four hours with perfect sun, or 2.5 hours with an AC outlet. It also has 4x AC (120V, 2400W), 1x AC (120V, 3000W), 2x USB-A (Quick Charge 3.0, 18W), 2x USB-C (100W), and 1x car output (12V / 10A).

The battery-only version of the Explorer 3000 Pro will be available on March 27th for $2,799, or $3,999 bundled with two 200W Solar Saga panels. Don’t forget – there’s a $399 discount for early birds!

I hope you found this article helpful and informative! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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