Solving the Discord Dilemma: Nvidia’s Automatic Fix for GPU Performance Issues

Hey everyone! It’s Nuked, your friendly tech guy here to tell you about a cool update from Nvidia. Recently, it was discovered that having Discord open in the background could limit the performance of some graphics cards. But fear not, Nvidia has come to the rescue with a patch that will automatically download when you log into Windows.

This issue affected systems with cards like the RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 Ti, and was caused by a recent Discord update. It kept GPUs from reaching their maximum memory clocks, missing by around 200Mhz. This caused a slight performance penalty when playing games, which is not ideal for those of us who like to chat to friends while gaming.

The fix comes as an app profile update. Before now, it was possible to manually apply it, but the process was complicated and involved downloading a profile manager and then exporting, editing, and re-importing profiles. Now, however, with Nvidia’s update you don’t have to go through all that trouble – just log into Windows and the patch will take care of itself.

So there you have it – Nvidia has come up with a simple solution to make sure Discord doesn’t slow down your GPU. I’m sure your gaming experience will be much better now!

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Written by Nuked

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