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The next major assassin’s creed game is called mirage. Players will take on the role of a budding assassin named basim. Mirage takes place two decades before that game.

The game will get back to the action-adventure roots of the series. In an inspired bit of casting, shohreh aghdashloo will be voicing the role of basim’s assassination mentor.

Ubisoft also made a number of big announcements regarding the future of the franchise. Ubisoft also announced a series of other big announcements.

Ubisoft is developing the first open-world version of assassin’s Creed for smartphones, currently dubbed’jade’. Players can Parkour across the Great Wall, which seems fun. Elsewhere, Ubisoft also says it’s working on an unnamed mobile title for Netflix’s gaming service.

One of these games, codenamed’red,’, is in development at Ubisoft’s Quebec City studio. The Montreal team is working on another codenamed’_ hexe’.

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