If you’re a fan of extreme sports, you might be a bit disappointed by Apple’s latest gadget

On Wednesday, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, a $ 799 wearable. That’s significantly more than the $ 299 repair for an entry-level series 8.

The Ultra likely has a much bigger battery than the series 8. Apple estimates it’ll last twice as long as long. Getting the battery replaced will also cost more than it would for Apple’s less extreme watches.

Apple watches are generally tiny and glued together. Neither of these factors makes for easy repairs. Apple can just recycle it and send you a refurbished one.

Apple estimates you’d have to pay the same $ 499 to get a titanium series 7 edition repaired. If you break your ceramic Series 5, you could be out $ 800 if you want it fixed without AppleCare plus plus plus.

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