One of the UK’s biggest independent games publishers is on a buying spree

embracer group has embarked on an acquisition spree today. The company includes limited run games, Tripwire interactive, and the IP rights to lord of the rings and the hobbit.

The Lord of the rings and Hobbit rights mean embracer now has control over movies, video games, board games, merchandising, stage productions, and theme-park rights for the Tolkien fantasy franchises.

Embracer is a huge publishing group that recently acquired big names like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and thief. Saudi Arabia recently bought a $ 1 billion stake in embracer, around 8 percent of the company’s shares SHARES.

The move opens the door to more physical games across its studios and games. The huge publishing group also announced today the acquisition of home karaoke system Singtrix and teardown developer tuxedo Labs.

Embracer has been quietly building its giant publishing group, and also owns dark horse. The company also owns comics and entertainment brand dark horse.

Embracer has entered into agreement to acquire another company within PC / console gaming that, for commercial reasons, is not disclosed today. The purchase price for this un-disclosed acquisition is in the range of being among either third or fourth largest of the transactions.

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