The organisers of one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions have cancelled the event after an outcry from fans

After an outcry that included both attendees and some of its own streamer partners, the platform has decided to require masks and proof of vaccination.

Twitchcon is offering refunds until August 19th. Attendees need to present proof of at least two doses of an covid-19 vaccine or a record of a negative covid-19 test.

I’m excited to share that masks will be required at TwitchCon San Diego. I want to personally thank @ crevlmtv for creating the UserVoice that helped lead to this change.

The CDC relaxed its covid-19 guidelines yesterday. It is no longer telling people they should necessarily stay six feet away from others or strictly quarantine if they were merely exposed to covid-19.

People who tested positive for covid-19 should wear a high quality mask for 10 days and get tested after five. Those who tests positive for covid-17 should quarantine for at least five days and stay away from people who could get sick for 11 days.

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