It’s been a while since I’ve used a cheats menu in a video game, but that’s about to change

Vampire survivors’ new 0.10.0 update adds a cheats menu. I dearly wish that more games included one.

You pick a starting character with certain characteristics and a specific weapon. You’ll level up that weapon, other weapons, and other items. Your weapons fire automatically, so you mostly have to worry about picking up experience and items while avoiding baddies.

The game launched in early access on Steam late last year. It has received regular updates that add things like new characters, weapons, power-ups, stages, and special items. You typically have to unlock them by completing certain requirements.

The new’secrets’ menu – in game, takes codes to unlock characters, special items (‘relics’)’), and stages. This allows you to choose what I want to unlock myself and what to just cheat for.

You wo n’t be able to find the item that unlocks it until you have a good grasp of the game. I’d argue that you can make the choice about what to cheat for yourself.

I wish I could cheat a truck with infinite health, battery, and some kind of hover ability. I’m going to have to suffer through hours of frustrating Traversal to learn what happens next to Sam Porter bridges.

Vampire survivors’ secrets menu does n’t just open up unlockables. There’s also a spell to spin the UI. Developers say they’re working on more off-the-wall ideas.

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