Earlier this month, Aaron Epstein spent $10,000 to buy an ad in The Wall Street Journal to tell his story

Aaron Epstein spent $ 10,000 buying an ad in the Wall Street Journal to tell at & T’s CEO he was n’t happy with his Internet service. He’s getting over 300 Mbps up and down.

North Hollywood, ca resident says he’s been an at & T customer for 60 years. The company says it was part of a planned rollout.

I mean how upset one must be, over slow home Internet speeds, to pay for a personal quarter-page national ad in print.

Millions of Americans do n’t have access to home Internet. Ars Technica was n’t able to get a straight answer about whether Epstein’s neighbors would be getting faster service.

Epstein was able to get at & T, a Goliath telecom company, to install fiber to his house. But even those who do have decent Internet are struggling with data caps, ISPs that do n’t even seem to have a clear picture of what their own networks are capable of.

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