Elon Musk appeared on the audio social network Clubhouse on Monday

The media and venture capital worlds were abuzz this weekend in advance of, during, and after Musk’s appearance on clubhouse. Musk is not exactly a recluse – he gives interviews more or less regularly to a variety of mainstream outlets.

All day long, hustlers and hucksters hosted pre-show discussions, post-show recaps, and a cash giveaway sponsored by Square. Musk’s room hit the clubhouse cap of 5,000 concurrent listeners.

The South by Southwest festival was the only social-networking moment in recent years. Austin was briefly overrun by people broadcasting themselves on Meerkat. Now, the once-stable field of social networks buzzing with a fresh sense of possibility.

Musk appeared on the good time show, a roughly three-week-old late-night event hosted by the husband-and-wife team of Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy. Guests and co-hosts often include the partners of Andreessen Horowitz, clubhouse’s lead investor and most prominent public cheerleaders.

I’ve known Krishnan and Ramamurthy since 2012, when I interrupted their coffee date at the creamery in San Francisco to interview them. Krishnan went on to work in product roles at Facebook, snap, and Twitter, and Ramamurthy started an e-commerce company and now works at Facebook.

Andreessen Horowitz announced last week that it would create a’new media property’. The show is based on the aim of successful tech people.

A16Z can serve that audience by creating its own media empire. But it can also serve an audience by funding and promoting services like clubhouse.

A16Z is releasing the conversation as the first episode in a new live podcast series. The firm is releasing a conversation officially as a first episode of a new podcast series.

The first successful use of clubhouse was to create a backdoor pilot for a venture capital firm’s end run around the mainstream media. I think it is a kind of proof of concept of a full series: an episode of an existing show that introduces characters who go on to have their own show.

This is not the most interesting way of thinking about clubhouse, though. This is n’t the most important way of think about clubhouse.

In 2016, anchor launched with a product its founders hoped would’democratize radio’. It offered some dead-simple creation tools for recording audio. Spotify eventually bought anchor for $ 150 million.

Dean obeidallah: anchor podcasts do not lend themselves easily to a do-it-yourself approach. He says there are almost certainly numerous professionally recorded podcasts that would be more fun to listen to than any DIY project uploaded to anchor. obeidallah: it’s hard to record pristine audio; it’s even more tedious to edit.

I’ve had my concerns about clubhouse’s early inattention to moderation. But the company now seems to be taking those concerns appropriately seriously. Clubhouse has hit upon something genuinely compelling.

The median clubhouse room is n’t unbearable to listen to. Because the conversation is live, you’re less sensitive to the fact that it’s unedited.

Musk played softballs about colonizing Mars and his favorite memes. He then invited Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev onto the stage.

Musk has been vocally skeptical about Robinhood’s moves to stop users from buying GameStop stock. Tenev explained that regulators had required Robinhood to increase its deposits to cover the risks associated with market volatility.

A16Z is a major investor in Robinhood, as it is with clubhouse. Ceo Eric newcomer says the event is billed as’this big organic thing with Elon Musk?’.

A16Z partner hosted event with A16Z partner. The company does crisis PR but it’s billed as this big organic thing with Elon Musk?.

Video tools have been available for years now, but we’ve never seen them used quite like this. There’s something more approachable about an audio-only broadcast that seems to have enabled entirely new uses.

Marc Andreessen and Maran Nelson started a room to talk with newcomer about his recent piece on a16z and its independent media ambitions. Before I knew it, around a thousand people were there, including Marc Andreessen himself, and a number of other A16Z partners.

This is n’t shocking, exactly – but the serendipity of it all took me by surprise. Here’s a productive discussion about the increasingly fraught relationship between some VC firms and prominent journalism outlets.

By the diminished standards of pandemic-era social life, I found it exhilaratingrating. He found the reduced standards of pandemic-style social life and found it exhilarating.

Medium’s content management system was radiant and filled an obvious hole in the media market. In the 2000s, every person’s second blog post began with an apology for having taken so much time to write it after the first one.

Every person of note has been interviewed on one podcast or another. Start a regular podcast and building up its audience over time has really been your only option.

Elon Musk offers all the distribution upside of a podcast without the planning or editing that recording an actual podcast would entail. But now you go on clubhouse. Like medium, it’s there when he needs it, and never needs to be thought about otherwise.

It’s what anchor tried to become and never quite did. It’s the anchor’s attempt to become. It was n’t quite quite.

Robinhood has to keep a certain amount of money in reserve to enable its platform. The platform shut down purchases of those meme stocks while it worked to resolve the imbalance.

As of Monday, it had raised two new rounds of funds. The first was $ 1 billion; the second was $ 2.4 billion. It is gradually letting people buy stocks again.

Robinhood did n’t say more about what happened when it first halted sales of GameStop stock stock. The company was simply embarrassed -‘we built a platform we can no longer afford’.

Robinhood told users that it existed to’democratize’ finance. In the end, like so many other platforms, it turned out to be a monarchy.

I’m interested to see how the company will fare now that the jig is up. I’m looking for how the firm will fare with the jig up.

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