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Salesforce has “taken action” to stop the Republican National Committee from sending emails that could incite violence

Salesforce has’taken action’ to stop the republication National Committee from sending emails that could incite violence. The company is using ExactTarget, a Salesforce tool, for campaign emails.

The move comes after the Trump campaign sent an email urging supporters to’step up right now’ and’defend the integrity of this election’.

Salesforce confirmed to the verge that it has n’t dropped the RNC as a client.’we have taken action to prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence,’ a spokesperson said.

The enterprise software company declined to comment on what action it has taken and whether the mysterious measure would affect the Trump campaign and the RNC.

The Trump campaign sent 569 emails between November 3rd and January 6th. The campaign said the election was rigged and the results needed to be overturned.

Each email asked supporters to donate money to the campaign. In 2018, the Trump campaign reportedly had contact information for 20 million supporters.

Facebook blocked the president indefinitely, and at least until Joe Biden’s inauguration. The following day, Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account.

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