Google could be working on an updated Nest Hub with Soli technology

Earlier this week, we reported that Google could be working on an updated nest hub that had Soli technology. A report from 9to5Google now suggests that it could be for something unexpected: sleep tracking.

Soli is Google’s radar technology used to detect gestures and human presence. It was first introduced in the pixel 4, which was discontinued in August. It’s now showing up in smart home devices, like the nest thermostat.

The nest hub already looks like an alarm clock. Because it does n’t have a camera built-in, it may be more accepted into the bedroom for sleep tracking.

Sleep aid commercial says we all sleep differently. So far, Soli has been pretty short range. What happens if you roll over to the other side of the bed?.

Soli has been used to detect movement and presence at a variety of angles and distances. It’s unclear how Google would handle having to handle using its microphones.

Sleep tracking will only work under certain circumstances. Google will surprise us and have this all figured out when they announce the product. Sleep tracking could only work in certain circumstances.

People who wake up to music could also wave to skip a song if the one that comes on is n’t how they want to start their day.

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