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Nike’s app offers a collection of workouts you can filter based on how much equipment you have

We coped with the mental burdens that came with living in 2020. Many have found it tough to get in their normal level of exercise. These include gadgets, apps, games, and services we used to work up a sweat while still staying safe.

I named beat saber my favorite game of 2018, but I lapsed hard since, until Oculus released the quest 2 in October. I probably owe muse and the new pornographers royalties or something?.

Nike’s app offers a collection of workouts you can filter based on how much equipment you have available, how much time you have, whether you’re after a strength or a cardio workout.

Nike’s app mainly shows simple looping videos of each exercise. Instead of listening to a personal trainer’s motivational tidbits alongside their instructions. The app also includes more traditional workout videos.

Reddit’s bodyweight fitness community devised the routine. It includes strength exercises you can do with minimal equipment. Plus a pullup bar, gymnastics rings, and resistance bands were a relatively affordable way to give us a lot more exercise options.

Fitness instructors have always shared some content on Instagram. But the closing of gyms and fitness studios brought a wealth of free guided workouts to the app.

As the year has dragged on, I’ve fallen off my Instagram health kick. But still collect and sort exercise posts.

I was motivated by boredom and a fear of dying, but also by Garmin’s do-it-all Fenix 6x pro smartwatch with ten-day battery. My local government has promoted safe, socially-distanced outdoor activities instead of issuing strict stay-at-home orders.

Prior to the depletion of fitness gadgets on Amazon and beyond, I managed to amass a set of adjustable resistance bands. The Garmin watch did a fair job of automatically tracking my chest and shoulder pressed and bicep curls.

The Fenix 6 can guide you through animated yoga sessions. As an absolute beginner I found it impractical and disruptive to keep peek at my wrist to study pose mechanics.

I was motivated to run faster and longer using Garmin’s pacepro feature to inject my Spotify playlist, real-time coaching, and turn-by-turn navigation into my airpods pro earbuds. I soon became addicted to setting new personal records and lowering my fitness age in virtual competition with my running friends who prefer Garmin watches over anything else else else.

The Garmin Fenix 6 tracks kitesurfing sessions, all-day bike rides, and open-water swims in the ocean. It is n’t accurate enough to track putts, but it does an amazing job of tracking each shot from the tee to the green. You can measure club performance, keep score, and see trends after each round.

The Fenix 6 has proven to be a Jack of all trades and master of some. After nine months of intense and uninterrupted usage, the 6 now says that my fitness age is 20.

Apple’s gamified rings system would make going to the gym impossible. The gamified rings would make it impossible to fill every ring. I get up and speed-walk around my apartment every day.

I could n’t get my hands on the VR rig I wanted this year. That’s on the list for 2021, once we can find PC hardware again.

The app fitbod tracks your exercises and builds sets based on which muscle groups are fresh. fitbod is an app that builds weights that can fit in a small apartment.

I bought intending to clean up the yard with the best of intentions. A VR headset with exercise games, a motorized standing desk, a smarterwatch, a smartwatch and a smartwatch.

I began to become an utter couch potato for the duration of the year. Instead, I proceeded to become a couch potato. Instead of becoming an utter sofa potato.

I used an automatic tire inflator the one-and-only time I hit the park with my bike to test an awesome new phone mount. I probably burned more calories breaking down a mountain of Amazon cardboard boxes than any other activity this year.

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