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Some PlayStation 4 users who downloaded the latest 8

Sony had the right to record their voice for moderation purposes. The latest 8.0 update update update was released this morning.

Sony broke every PS4 due to how bad the update was. Sony also recorded us # PS4 pics for the update.

The newest Sony update to the PS4 will continue onto 5. Will be recording your voice while in party chat. The update will continue on 5.

Sony’s release notes contained no mention of voice recordings. But today, Sony changed what the messages meant in an update to its blog post.

Voice chat recording for moderation is a feature that will be available on ps5 when it launches. Users can record their voice chats on ps5 and submit them for moderation review.

The feature could be a useful tool to help people report bad party members that may be harassing them. It could also be a tool for people to report party members.

Sony’s language does n’t seem as if Sony is actively listening to all of your conversations with your pals during your latest rounds of fall guys.

The 8.0 software also changes the way parties and messages work. New avatars, parental communication controls, and support for authenticator apps for two-factor authentication.

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