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Google is planning to build a gigantic new campus in San Jose

Google is planning to build a new’downtown West’ campus in San Jose. The company has shared renderings that give an idea of what that space could look like. Google intends to make the approximately 79-acre area feel less like a traditional corporate campus.

The proposed space would include a plaza for pop-up events and an amphitheater that could be used by Google and the broader community.

The creekside walk is a peaceful-looking walkway near a the vta light rail corridor. The walkway would be’framed by Los Gatos creek’.

Google is referring to an’urban promenade’ that would be closed to cars and have a lawn for hosting events, screenings, and other performances.

There will be 7.3 million gross square feet of office space, according to Google’s 473-page slide design standards and guidelines.

Google’s nearly 39-minute YouTube video shows what the whole campus could look like in the map. Google’s YouTube video about the plan is almost 39-minute.

The San Jose city council is scheduled to consider Google’s proposal for final approval in spring 2021. Google’s proposed proposal is expected to be approved by spring 2021.

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