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The Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5 will launch on November 18

After months of waiting, we finally know when the Xbox series X, series S and PlayStation 5 will launch. Some games will be available on day one.

The Xbox series X / S will cost $ 499 and $ 299, while the ps5 and its discless digital edition will cost more than $ 399. If you want to take the plunge, you’ll also need to be able to find a console, which has n’t been easy with ps5 preorders so far.

Microsoft and Sony are offering enough to convince you to buy into the next generation at launch. We wanted to share our thoughts in case it helps you make a decision – even if that decision is,’I’m going to wait a while’.

I will buy both a ps5 and Xbox series X at launch. I will upgrade my PC to next-gen hardware hardware, Taylor Lyles says.

”ratchet and clank: Rift apart”is scheduled for the ps5’s’launch window’. When I saw demon’s souls remake would be a launch title, I decided to bite the bullet.

I wanted to buy a series X at launch for Halo infinite. After it was delayed, there was nothing incentivizing me to buy an Xbox series X until 2021. Then, Microsoft acquired a bunch of ZeniMax properties, including fallout.

Julia Alexander: I’m looking at an Xbox one right now and it’s a perfect size. She says she is more interested in seeing their living room setups.

The ps5 is bigger than the Xbox series X. It does n’t seem as imposing, as loomed, as threatening to me as the series X.

I’ve used PlayStation consoles all my life, and at this point I’m mainly using consoles as general entertainment systems. I’m basically buying what I think looks cooler. I’m going with the tron-looking console. Consoles are living room set pieces. The ps5 looks like it’ll really tie the room together. I’ll take the futuristic, wall-e-inspired console over the very big, boring brick..

Sean Hollister feels like there’s less reason to buy at launch than ever. Sony says he’ll be able to do that on existing PS4 Pro!.

I love me some demon’s souls and the first footage of Bluepoint’s remaster made me giddy. Will we even see the delayed Halo: infinite or that new horizon before holiday 2021?.

I’ve got plenty of good stuff on PS4 that’ll be backwards compatible. I guess I can sell it at a loss on Craigslist or something, if it’s not getting enough use on Craigslist.

Cameron Faulkner: I’m almost fully certain that there’s nothing the Xbox series S will be able to do that my PC ca n’t do better.”I’m all set on the PC front,”he says.

I’m a big fan of game pass, but I’m very drawn to the idea of being among the first to get the series S. I think Microsoft’s strategy of using all of my controller from the Xbox one generation is both sitting well with me.

Kaitlin Hatton’s last foray into the console world was with the PlayStation 2. He eventually switched over to PC games as they were easier to maintain through college and several long-distance moves.

This is all to say that my return to the console world is going to come with the digital version of the PlayStation 5. I likely wo n’t buy it the day it launches, but I’m hoping to have one before the new year.

The Xbox series s looks like a great deal for something I can attach to a 1440p monitor. Tom Warren: I’ve already had a powerful gaming PC that will play all the Xbox exclusives.

Jay Peters says he has a pre-order for the ps5 digital edition. But he might cancel the pre-order and stick with the Xbox series s.

There’s nothing brand-new on ps5 that’s calling me on day one. The $ 69.999 price tag for some ps5 games is a lot.

For the same $ 3999 per month Xbox game pass subscription, I can get an Xbox series S and 10 months of games on game pass.

I did n’t buy a PS4 until pretty late into the current generation of consoles. I do n’t know when I’ll get around to upgrading, says Jon Porter.

It’ll be easier to turn down a couple of settings on PC than to shell out hundreds of dollars on new equipment. Even if more of them start integrate performance intensive graphics features like ray-tracing to maintain parity with the next-gen consoles.

It’s not going to be any of Microsoft’s first-party games like Halo infinite. I’ll be able to play both on PS4, and it’ll be available on PC.

Grand Theft Auto 6 and the second part of the final fantasy VII remake are likely to be available for PC ports a year or more after their original console release. I’d say that either could push me to buy a new machine to play them on day one.

Chaim Gartenberg: I will probably get a ps5 at some point. He would like to play God of war, horizon forbidden West, and other likely good ps5 exclusives.

I’m not buying a ps5 at launch because there’s no real point for me right now. I might upgrade at some point if there’s a decent trade-in offer, just to futureproof.

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