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A group of friends created an itiseyemoutheye meme on Twitter

An inside joke about a TikTok meme on Twitter grew into a minor social media mystery before morphing into a fundraiser for anti-racism causes.

The eye-mouth-eye emoji meme started appearing in people’s Twitter handles on Thursday. On TikTok, the meme is usually used to express cringe or embarrassment.

A group of us changed our Twitter names to include’the emoji’.’for a brief period of time, everyone who added the emojis to their name was added to a giant Twitter group conversation’.

Group calls itself a’diverse, ragtag group of young technologists tired of the status quo tech industry’. Group says it is’obsessed with exclusive social apps that ignore – or even silence – real needs faced by marginalized people all over the world’.

Like relax have n’t you ever just had fun online while vibing with your friends and donating to the okra project.

It is what it is: a meme that leveraged the relentless hype of exclusive apps and redirected it towards a critical social need. The group has raised more than $ 60,000 from assorted donors, $ 135,000 from two anonymous donors. An initial matching donation of $ 50,000 was upped to $ 60,000.

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