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Apple has removed Pocket Casts, the popular iOS and Android podcast client, from the App Store in China

Apple has removed pocket casts, the popular podcast client, from the app store in China. Cyberspace administration of China has determined that it can be used to access content deemed illegal in the country. It’s the second major podcast app to be removed from China’s app store this month.

Pocket casts says they believe podcasting is and should remain an open medium, free of government censorship.’as such we wo n’t be censoring podcast content at their request,’ says pocket casts.

Pocket casts says Apple did n’t give specifics on which content violated Chinese law upon request. The app was removed around two days after Apple contacted the developer.

Apple did n’t provide specifics on what content fell foul of Chinese regulations. Castro, another iPhone podcast app, was also recently pulled from China’s app store.

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