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This is the last week to Set up Samsung’s Galaxy S20

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series of phones will release this coming Friday, March 6th. This leaves you with a week to decide whether you want to preorder the S20, S20 plus, or S20 Ultra.

Waiting for release day before you make a decision. You’ll get looped into some good preorder incentives if you commit this week.

Samsung will give S20 buyers a $ 100 voucher to use at its online store. The S20 Plus will net you a $ 150 gift card, and the S20 Ultra comes with a $ 200 credit.

The best preorder incentives are at Amazon where each phone comes with a set of galaxy buds truly wireless earphones and a duo wireless charging pad at no extra cost. These gadgets are perks that you’ll get in addition to the gift card.

If you do n’t want to trade a phone in, you’ll pay even less for your preorder. Samsung is offering up to $ 700 in credit toward your new S20 phone. Best Buy is also accepting trades.

You can get a two-pack of Google’s nest hub smart displays for $ 130 at Best Buy. It usually costs that much for a single display, so you’re getting 50 percent off each one. There are a lot of smart displays to choose between, and they range in price and features.

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